Fr.  150.— per 60 minutes
Every  additional 15 min. Fr. 37.-

Please note that a session - especially the first one - can take more than 60 minutes.

People who receive a disability pension (IV),

welfare recipients, students and apprentices

Fr.  120.— per 60 minutes

Every additional 15 min. Fr. 30.-

Please note that  a session - ecpecially the first one - can take more than 60  minutes.

Couples therapy (counseling/mediation)

Fr.  180.— per 60 minutes

Sessions for couples usually take two hours.

Stop smoking session

First session Fr.  300.—  (fix)

Every further session  Fr.  150.— per 60 minutes 

Payment in cash or with Maestro or Post Finance


In the case of nonappearence or cancellation not prior to 24 hours (working days) in advance, the full amount of the agreed session will be charged.