Practice for Hypnosis and Somatic Experiencing® in the Center of Basel

My practice for Hypnosis in Basel
My practice for Hypnosis in Basel

My practice for hypnosis and Somatic Experiencing® is based right in the heart of the city of Basel at 20 Freie Strasse, just a stone’s throw from the Marktplatz, in the same house as the pharmacy (Goldene Engel Apotheke), 5th floor.


I also offer to book appointments in the evening after your work as well as on Saturdays.


Hypnosis, Hypno coaching, Traumatherapy, Somatic Ego States®, Somatic Experiencing®  



"Life must be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards" S. Kierkegaard

Jacqueline Erb


I work with methods of modern hypnosis, and also integrate the principles of Somatic Experiencing® according to Dr. Peter A. Levine

Somatic Experiencing®


Somatic Experiencing®/SE™ is a body oriented approach to release blockages and trauma by focusing on the client’s perceived body sensations.

Quit Smoking

With the support of hypnosis you will learn how to switch from a smoker to a non-smoker.


Important notice

Jacqueline Erb is a hypnotherapist and a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. She also attends further education in Ego States Therapy. She is not a psychologist nor a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. She does not claim to diagnose or offer treatment of diseases. The success of the therapy depends of various factors and cannot be predicted.The exposure of a hypnotherapeutic treatment does not exclude the consultation of medical or other psychotherpeutic treatments. More...